21 July, 2016

Consulpes Academia Blog

Hello World!  Splendid to meet you! Let me introduce myself: I’m Mr. B, a grammar-mad English gentleman who wants to show you all what a terrific thing […]
5 August, 2016

Pronouncing -ed endings

Why hello there! How are you feeling today? Excited, maybe, or bored? How did you pronounce those two adjectives? They’re both past participles (verb + ed), […]
9 August, 2016

Reported Speech

Somebody told me that you’d come here looking for help with reported speech! See what I did there?! Jokes aside, we’re going to look at that […]
13 August, 2016

The Conditional

Why hello there! Ask anyone what the scariest English grammar topic is and they will undoubtedly tell you that it’s the conditional, but it’s not true! […]