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13 septiembre, 2016
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Welcome to News In Slow English! Tune in every week to hear the latest stories, delivered in clear, slow English that’s perfect for intermediate language learners.

On the Podcast page you’ll find the latest episode, and all the previous ones in case you missed one.

Additionally, on the blog you’ll find comprehension questions based around every episode so you can check how much you understood, and the transcript to help you with any difficult vocabulary. Enjoy!



First, read through these questions. Then, listen to the podcast and try to answer the questions. If you find it difficult, read the transcript while listening to the podcast, and focus on the way the words are pronounced.

How many medals has Britain won so far, and how many are the Team GB athletes expected to win?
They have won 12 so far (day 6), and are expected to win 48.

In what position is Japan and how many medals have they won?
Japan are third, with 17 (on day 6).

What problem has occurred in the games recently?
The water in the diving pool and water polo pool has turned green.

Which of these headlines best describes the second news story? 1) Man breaks into Trump tower. 2) Man rescued from top of Trump Tower. 3) Man arrested for trying to climb Trump Tower.
3. The man was arrested on the 21st floor, after climbing for 2 hours.

Explain who is affected by Australia's movement and why.
Farmers, because their GPS controlled tractors are no longer accurate.

What negative social effects have been seen as a result of the Brexit vote? Is it the first time this has happened?
There has been a significant increase in hate crime and racism. This has happened before following other major news events such as Lee Rigby’s murder.

What is Scotland planning to invest £100m in?
They want to speed up current projects to create new jobs.

When was Palestine removed from Google Maps?
It wasn’t. Google has said that Palestine was never shown on its Maps application.

Which days this week would not be suitable for a picnic in London?
Wednesday and Thursday, as it is predicted to rain. 


Tune in next week for another podcast and more listening activities!

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