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13 septiembre, 2016
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13 septiembre, 2016
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Welcome to News In Slow English! Tune in every week to hear the latest stories, delivered in clear, slow English that’s perfect for intermediate language learners.

On the Podcast page you’ll find the latest episode, and all the previous ones in case you missed one.

Additionally, on the blog you’ll find comprehension questions based around every episode so you can check how much you understood, and the transcript to help you with any difficult vocabulary. Enjoy!




First, read through these questions. Then, listen to the podcast and try to answer the questions. If you find it difficult, read the transcript while listening to the podcast, and focus on the way the words are pronounced.

When was Airlander 10's first flight?
Last week. The specific word for a first flight is a «maiden flight». Check out the podcast page if you missed it!
How far is Rome from Amatrice?
What is the noun for 'secondary earthquakes'?
After-shocks. E.g.:’After-shocks have been felt’/’there have been aftershocks’.
What causes the frequent earthquakes in central Italy?
The collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates.
For how long have the FARC militants been fighting government forces in Columbia?
Around 52 years.
What did the rebels and government officials do before announcing the peace plans in Havana this week?
They sang the national anthem together.
What is the outlook of the aviation company which built the Airlander following its crash?
They remain positive, insisting that the flight went well and planning to produce ten of the aircraft by 2021.
According to the broadcast, what are the possible benefits of driverless cars?
They may help reduce road accidents, and allow people who otherwise are unable to drive due to disability the opportunity to travel.
What safety measures are in place to protect passengers during the driverless taxi experiment?
Each vehicle has a driver who can take control if necessary.
What has the US government done to assist with the development of driverless cars?
It has agreed to invest $4bn in the technology, starting by standardising laws regarding the vehicles across all the states.

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