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13 septiembre, 2016
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19 septiembre, 2016
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Welcome to News In Slow English! Tune in every week to hear the latest stories, delivered in clear, slow English that’s perfect for intermediate language learners.

On the Podcast page you’ll find the latest episode, and all the previous ones in case you missed one.

Additionally, you’ll find comprehension questions based around every episode so you can check how much you understood, and the transcript to help you with any difficult vocabulary. Enjoy!



First, read through these questions. Then, listen to the podcast and try to answer the questions. If you find it difficult, read the transcript while listening to the podcast, and focus on the way the words are pronounced.

What is the idiom used to describe a day with no interesting news?
It’s called a slow news day.
When was the scheduled launch date of the rocket which exploded?
The 4th of September.
What was the purpose of the satellite which the rocket was carrying?
It would have provided internet access for remote parts of sub-Saharan Africa.
How are other countries reacting to North Korea's nuclear test?
Many countries including China, Russia and the USA have condemned the test and threatened strong punishments.
Suggest a possible social effect of the education system in 1944.
The separation of «the cleverest» from the «less clever» is thought to be one of the causes of social inequality in the UK. 
Aside from the debate about grammar schools, from which other two problems is the UK education system suffering?
A lack of funding and a lack of teachers. (A lack = not enough)
What does courageous mean?
Brave, fearless.
What was the major change that Apple made to the design of the new iPhone 7?
They have removed the 3.5mm jack socket, used to connect standard headphones.
How are Apple Airpods charged up?
They have a special box which charges them.
If a Londoner wanted to go for a walk in Hyde Park this weekend, which day would be best for it?
Sunday, because rain is forecasted for Saturday.


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