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27 septiembre, 2016
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Welcome to News In Slow English! Tune in every week to hear the latest stories, delivered in clear, slow English that’s perfect for intermediate language learners.

On the Podcast page you’ll find the latest episode, and all the previous ones in case you missed one.

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Additionally, you’ll find comprehension questions based around every episode so you can check how much you understood, and the transcript to help you with any difficult vocabulary. Enjoy!



First, read through these questions. Then, listen to the podcast and try to answer the questions. If you find it difficult, read the transcript while listening to the podcast, and focus on the way the words are pronounced.

For howlong have the FARC and the government been fighting?
52 years.
Have the two sides kept the promises they made just before the elections?
Luckily not. They promised that there would be no second chances, but not are willing to negotiate for peace.
What was the main reason why the proposed peace was rejected?
People felt that the terms were too kind to the rebels.
For how long were the people trapped inside the London Eye?
Three-and-a-half hours.
Who called the emergency services? Who didn't? Why didn't they?
Some of the trapped tourists called the fire brigade. Merlin Entertainments, the company who owns the London Eye, didn’t call for help because it was a technical problem and they didn’t think it was necessary.
What does the Chinese company consider a better use of money than buying an iPhone?
Investing in children’s education and care for the elderly.
Why were Apple phones unavailable in Beijing in June this year?
A Chinese company claimed that they were too similar to a phone that they produce, so they banned their sale.
What verb is used to mean 'to steal an animal'?
To rustle. For example: 300 sheep were rustled last year. That man is guilty of sheep rustling.
How did the farmer solve the problem of sheep rustling?
He painted his flock bright orange, so that they are easy to identify.
What word is used to talk about the maximum and minimum temperatures predicted on a weather forecast?
Highs of … degrees and lows of … degrees.


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