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13 septiembre, 2016
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Welcome to News In Slow English! Tune in every week to hear the latest stories, delivered in clear, slow English that’s perfect for intermediate language learners.

On the Podcast page you’ll find the latest episode, and all the previous ones in case you missed one.

Additionally, you’ll find comprehension questions based around every episode so you can check how much you understood, and the transcript to help you with any difficult vocabulary. Enjoy!


First, read through these questions. Then, listen to the podcast and try to answer the questions. If you find it difficult, read the transcript while listening to the podcast, and focus on the way the words are pronounced.

Which country is leading in the paralympics, and how many medals do they have?
China, with 191.
Is the recent violence the first racist attack that the town of Bautzen has seen?
No: a house designed to shelter immigrants was burned down in February.
How long did it take the police to regain control of the situation?
There was chaos for 45-90 minutes, according to the chief of police.
Which two countries are funding the new power station and what percentage is each one contributing?
France will finance two thirds of the project, and China the remainder.
Suggest two positive impacts of the new power station.
Any two from: it will create 25,000 jobs; it will provide 7% of the UK’s energy requirements; it will help achieve emission reduction targets.
How many pounds (lbs) of crickets could be produced with the amount of water needed to produce 2lbs of beef?
Which English idiom means 'to solve two problems at once'?
To kill two birds with one stone. E.g. ‘We could kill two birds with one stone, and eat the crickets which are killing our crops.’
What is the major difference between the British and Chinese officials who have recently been involved in social media scandals?
The Chinese scandal was allegedly censored so that no one knew about it whereas Corbyn was publicly criticised.
How many Hanjin Shipping boats are currently stranded?
More or less 60 boats and their crews.
Who was allowed to leave the boats to celebrate the South Korean harvest festival?
No one: all the captains and crews have been forced to remain on-board.

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